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Designer/Developer, Hosting & Tech Support

Emily Carlin

Emily lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She's always been "artsy", and her love of drawing and painting took her to Art and Design school where she discovered that being a painter was not a feasible career choice if she wanted to pay her rent, so she chose to pursue the "design" part and became familiar with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Designing websites started as a hobby when she wanted to make her own layout for her blog, so she taught herself HTML and CSS. Flash forward 15 years and she has designed over 300 websites and has extensive knowledge of all the major content management systems, though she specializes in WordPress design. She's an advocate of web standards and semantic markup. She's also a perfectionist who still hand codes everything because code produced from WYSIWYG and HTML editors has been known to make her nauseous.

When she's not working, you can find her baking up something for her foodblog, taking photos or relaxing with her beloved DVR remote in hand.



Margot is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. She was introduced to web design by her sister in 2000 while dabbling in Vancouver's bustling film industry. She was instantly hooked. Creativity combined with the immediacy of technology was immediately intriguing and the beginnings of a successful and satisfying career was born.

While she began freelancing, Margot was soon employed as an in-house designer with a Vancouver Island Solar Energy company where she honed her skills for over a year. She was then offered a great gig with a Victoria PR & design firm where she remained until having her first child.

While she made a valiant attempt to continue her conventional work schedule with her employer, it was no longer a good fit, as being in an office was no longer satisfying. Determined to stay home with her young son, she jumped back into working for herself and has continued to successfully build a loyal and expanding clientele through her web and graphic design business, Sweet Pea Creative. This, while adding another little member to the family.

When not working or attending to the needs of her two kids, Margot is an avid blogger and enjoys crafting, reading, movies and hangin' out with the family.



Jen and her corporate jet pilot husband live in San Diego with their little dog, aptly named "Pilot."

Jen attended a San Diego college with a major in Communications. She designed her first website in 2000 and has since designed nearly everything - from websites to blogs to t-shirts to commercial brochures to business logos and more! Jen freelance designed for several years and officially started her own design company last year!

A creative person by nature, Jen loves to pour herself into her designs. Her favorite part about designing is giving a client that perfect site that truly reflects who they are and what they are trying to say.

Jen is obsessed with traveling which has led to another obsession... photography. Her travels around the world have given her opportunities to gather pictures of beautiful landscapes and buildings which she loves to use in her designs.

When she is not designing or traveling, Jen enjoys spending time with her family, flying, camping, and pretty much anything else outdoorsy.