The Keys To Success: do you have it?

Although I have always dreamt of having my own design firm, the thought is also extremely scary to me – I am terrified of failure, but I am equally fearful of success.

I think it is in our nature to love the comfort of familiar surroundings and people, which means that it usually takes a lot of strength to move against the grain. Very often when I ponder success, I wonder if I can handle the publicity, the criticism, the stress of always having to appear perfect, and I start to feel very overwhelmed, you see as much as I dream of being a recognizable success, my fear of it is becoming one of my biggest obstacles.

Successful people seem to have the ability to overcome their fears and inhibitions, the sensibility to move past the maliciousness of some, and the stamina to take endless risks.

I was working at a large corporation for about 6 years, where only the people on my team knew me, and I was so comfortable with being effectively invisible that when I decided to start my own business, it took me several months to get brave enough to even put up my portfolio. My insecurities are sometimes a challenge to overcome, but I am continually learning and being inspired by those around me, and I am slowly making my dream a reality.

Many times I am completely inspired by my own clients, most of whom are following their own dream, and taking chances to make it a reality. I found that as long as they were passionate about what they did, and able to learn from mistakes, their endeavors became successful. As Theodore Roosevelt said “The only one who never makes mistakes is the one who never does anything”…

Are your fears holding you back from achieving your dreams?

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