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How to Add Related Posts to your WordPress blog

How to add Related Posts to your WordPress blog

Date January 28, 2019
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Adding related posts to your WordPress blog is a great way to help your readers find more posts on your site that interest them. And in business terms that leads to more engagement and pageviews for your blog. Plus, adding links to other posts on your site is a great SEO practice. There are several plugins that can add this feature for you, but the more plugins you have installed the slower your blog will be. So I always try...
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Full vs Partial Feeds

Date March 24, 2008

Over at the Blog Herald, there’s a great article on why people shouldn’t be using partial feeds. The author makes a lot of good points, essentially boiling it down to the fact that there are no benefits to using a partial feed. It doesn’t deter sploggers from stealing your content and it doesn’t bring extra traffic to your site; you are basically just frustrating your regular readers and alienating new ones. Read the full article for more. What I find...
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Why links shouldn’t be opened in new windows

Date June 26, 2007

I get this request a lot: “Can you make all my links open in a new window?” This is a widely done practice, I used to do it, too. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know before, and what most people still don’t know is that it’s a really bad practice to have. The whole point of putting an external link on your site is to guide your audience to someone else’s site. It’s usually an act of kindness, not only toward...
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